Date Course NameLocation Fee
AsynchronousSilicosis in Countertop Fabrication WorkersOnlineFree
First Friday of Every MonthSafety Updates Webinar SeriesOnlineFree
Second Tuesday of Every MonthErgonomics Online SeriesOnline$59 each session
March 19, 2024Aerosol Transmissible Disease PreventionOnline$129
March 25-29, 2024Orientation to Sustainable Environmental AssessmentUCLA$699
April 2, 2024Silica Dust Exposure PreventionOnline$129
April 8 & 11, 2024Ethics for Health & Safety ProfessionalsOnline$99
May 15, 2024Heat Illness PreventionOnline$129
May 16, 2024Spanish: Heat Illness PreventionOnlineFree
June 12, 2024Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)Online - Canceled$149
June 17-20, 2024Occupational Exposures for Nanomaterials & Electronic ProductsUCLA$49-$299
June 20-21, 2024Cal/OSHA 10-Hour General Industry CardUC Irvine$499
June 24-27, 2024Occupational Health Nursing Certification ReviewOnline$599
July 19, 2024Bloodborne PathogensOnline$129
July 15-17, 2024Introduction to Industrial HygieneUC Irvine$499
August 6, 2024Hazard CommunicationOnline$129
September 4-5, 2024Incident Investigation and ReportingOnline$249
September 23-24, 2024Sampling & InstrumentationUCLA$499

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