Industrial hygienists are environmental specialists concerned with anticipation/identification/recognition, evaluation, control, and prevention of exposure to potentially dangerous chemical, physical, biological, mechanical, psychosocial, and ergonomic stressors in the workplace environment. They provide insight into these problems based on their knowledge of the adverse health effects of exposure to the agents involved, their expertise in recognizing, evaluating, measuring,  and controlling hazards and the physics and chemistry of the environment. They also often work as part of interdisciplinary teams with epidemiologists, physicians, nurses and toxicologists.

The primary academic objective of the UCLA Industrial Hygiene Program (IHP) is the training of professional and research industrial hygienists at the Masters and Doctoral levels. The Master of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (MS) and the Master of Public Health (MPH) programs are two-year programs. They are located within the Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the Fielding School of Public Health. The program produces scientifically sophisticated graduates capable of performing at an advanced professional level and of moving into leadership positions. The Ph.D. program provides advanced training in a research area of industrial hygiene. Training includes classroom instruction, laboratory exercises, field trips, reports,  internships, interdisciplinary interactions, and research.

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