Targeted Research Training Program

The Targeted Research Training (TRT) program fosters the development of interdisciplinary research skills that are needed to generate new knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health (OSH) and to enhance the trainees’ potential to become productive OSH researchers. Research training is responsive to National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) and will facilitate translation of research findings through communication to occupational health professionals. TRT provides support for collaborative research training with affiliated graduate programs to train OSH researchers who are not part of an academic SCERC program.


Affiliated Programs:

  • UCLA PhD program in Environmental Health Sciences (EHS)
  • UCLA PhD program in Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing (OEHN)
  • UC Irvine PhD Program in Public Health (PPH)
  • UC Irvine PhD Program in Environmental Health Sciences (EHS)


Currently, there are three training directions:

  • Occupational health disparities
  • Secondary prevention of chronic disease among workers
  • Occupational toxicology


The TRT program also provides support for post-doctoral researchers in OSH who do research on NORA-priority areas. It also provides support for outreach to communicate research findings to occupational health professionals in the region and support for program impact and outcome evaluation.

Contact Us:

Dr. Ulrike Luderer
Co-Director of TRT Program at UCI
Phone: 949-824-8641

Dr. Jian Li
Co-Director of TRT Program at UCLA

Phone: 310-206-3788

Whitley MD, Ro A, Choi B. Workplace breastfeeding support and job satisfaction among working mothers in the United StatesAm J Ind Med. 2019;62:716‐726.

Students Supported by TRT

Student Name
Student Info Dissertation Title Advisor Name NORA Sector /
Cross Sector Program
Jayveeritz BautistaEnvironmental Health Sciences - PhD - UCIRespiratory effects of inhaled metals from environmental exposure to e-cigarette vaporDr. Michael Kleinman, Dr. Andrea De Vizcaya-RuizRespiratory Health (cross-sector)
Ivy TorresPublic Health - PhD - UCIOccupational Histories, Racialization and Gender Processes and Disability Patterns among Latina Immigrant EldersDr. Alana LeBronMusculoskeletal Health
Margaret WhitleyPublic Health - PhD -UCIWorkplace Breastfeeding Support and Job Satisfaction Among Working Mothers in the United StatesDr. BongKyoo ChoiHealthy Work Design and Well-Being Program Information (cross-sector)
Clinton HallEpidemiology - PhD - UCLAOccupational Epidemiology in Vulnerable Populations: Occupational Physical Activity and Cerebrovascular Disease in Older Women and Parental Occupational Exposures and Childhood CancerDr. Niklas Krause
Dr. Beate Ritz
National Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing (sector)

National Manufacturing (sector)

National Services (sector)

National Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities (sector)
Anne RorieOEHN - PhD - UCLAHealth Promotion, Technology, and the Environment: Examining the use of a Twitter based health intervention to improve active commute usership among urban dwelling working men and womenDr. Wendie RobbinsTotal Worker Health (cross-sector)
Negar Omid
Epidemiology - PhD - UCLAParental Occupational Exposures and Risk of Childhood CancerDr. Beate Ritz
Dr. Julia Heck.
Cancer, Reproductive and Cardiovascular Diseases (cross setor)

Exposure Assessment (cross-sector)
Matthew Feaster
Epidemiology - PhD - UCLA Psychosocial and Physical Occupational Determinants of Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality: The Role of Alternative Assessment Methods of Job Stress and Hypertension and Mediation by Hemodynamic Factors.Dr. Niklas Krause
Dr. Onyebuchi Arah
Cancer, Reproductive and Cardiovascular Diseases (cross-sector)

Work Organization and Stress-Related Disorders (cross-sector)
Nu Yu
Industrial Hygiene - PhD - UCLACharacterizing Los Angeles Taxi Driver Exposure to On-road Ultrafine Particles and Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsDr. Yifang ZhuExposure Assessment (cross-sector)
Deborah Curtis
OEHN - PhD - UCLAThe Association of Chronic Stress Secondary to Occupational Racism and Shift Work with DiabesityDr. Wendie RobbinsHealthcare and Social Assistance (sector)

Work Organization and Stress-Related Disorders (cross sector)
Aolin Wang
Epidemiology - PhD - UCLAOpening the Black Box: Estimation of Targeted Effects in Causal Mediation Analysis - With Applications to Global Health and Occupational EpidemiologyDr. Niklas Krause
Dr. Onyebuchi Arah
Cancer, Reproductive and Cardiovascular Diseases (cross-sector)

Work Organization and Stress-Related Disorders (cross-sector)
Airek Mathews
Industrial Hygiene - PhD - UCLAWhole Glove Permeation of Cyclohexanol Through Disposable Nitrile GlovesDr. Que HeePersonal Protective Technology (cross-sector)
George Brogmus
Industrial Hygiene - PhD - UCLAWorkplace Intervention to Reduce Back Pain Through the Control of Early Morning FlexionDr. Niklas KrauseMusculoskeletal Health (cross-sector)
Siavash Banaee
Industrial Hygiene - PhD - UCLAPermeation of Limonene through Disposable Nitrile Gloves in the Robot Hand Whole Glove and ASTM Closed Loop ModelsDr. Que HeeImmune and Dermal Diseases (cross-sector)

Exposure Assessment (cross-sector)
Matthew Feaster (’17)
Acting Epidemiologist
City of Pasadena