Spanish Resources

Two-hour Webinar with guidance on regulations, safety documents, videos, and resources on how to prevent Heat Illness in the workplace. 2022.


Two-hour Webinar with guidance on regulations, what is required, and resources for all kinds of PPE used in the workplace. 2022.

OSHA Posters to Share with Your Spanish-Speaking Workers:


Hazard Communication Standard Pictogram, PDF

(OSHA 3491 - 2016)


Grain Safety: Grain Safety Stand-Up, PDF

(OSHA 4113 - 2023)


Suicide Prevention: 5 Things You Should Know, PDF

(OSHA 4181 - 2022)


Workers' Rights: Is Your Employer Putting Your Safety at Risk? PDF

(OSHA 4193 - 2022)


Understanding Your Role as a Shipyard Competent Person, PDF

(OSHA 4139 - 2021)


Whistleblower Protection for Workers Concerned About Asbestos in Schools, PDF

(OSHA FS-4168 - 2021)


Workplace Violence, PDF

Higiene Industrial Recursos en Español: American Industrial Hygiene Association's Spanish-language resources page, includes The Role of the Industrial Hygienist in a Pandemic and other workplace health and safety resources.