The Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the UC Irvine School of Medicine is committed to providing exemplary care for the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of occupational and environmental health conditions. The Division is a core program of the UC Irvine Center for Occupational and Environmental Health.

The Center operates an Occupational and Environmental Medicine consulting clinic, which serves as a referral center for the evaluation of occupational and environmental exposures in Southern California. Our physicians are also highly skilled at performing medical and fitness evaluations for employees of businesses and organizations.

Division faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized for fostering basic, clinical and translational research in the field of occupational and environmental health. We are experts in occupational and environmental epidemiology, toxicology, and occupational health issues.

We also are committed to training physicians and scientists for careers in occupational and environmental health. The Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has one of the most competitive ACGME-accredited occupational medicine training programs in the country. Graduates of our program constitute a core of the occupational medicine specialists in Southern California and are leaders in corporate occupational medicine and public health practices. Upon completion of our program, residents are prepared for the comprehensive practice of occupational medicine in a variety of settings, including private clinical practices, managed health care organizations, corporate medical departments, public health programs, and legal or regulatory agencies.

Our division also has extensive research programs, which provide medical students, graduate students and residents with unique opportunities to address important topics in the laboratories as well as in the field.

We have one of the top programs in the country for researching work organizations. Beyond identifying safety hazards such as lead and asbestos, our researchers work to analyze the cardiovascular effects of occupational stress, including the way work is structured and the intensity of work demands on employees.

Other major research topics include reproductive and developmental toxicology, neurotoxicology, occupational health psychology, and children’s environmental health.

It is our mission to train the best scientists and clinicians, to make new contributions through research and to provide the best care for our patients.

UC Irvine School of Medicine Type of Program:

Preventive Medicine – Occupational Medicine Residency
Length of Program:
2 years with integrated clinical, academic, and practicum training
Current Program Status:
Full Accreditation
Program Director:
Alya Khan, MD, MS

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