Students & Faculty Attend Quarterly Clinical Case Conference

Our SoCal NIOSH Education & Research Center’s Winter Clinical Case Conference with our academic programs was a great experience!

Our quarterly Clinical Case Conferences are hosted at the UC Irvine campus where our students and faculty in Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Nursing from UCLA, and Occupational Medicine from UCI read about a real case study that has occurred because of a place of work, and discuss in interdisciplinary groups about each profession’s perspective and roles in responding to the case.

This February, we looked at a local refinery explosion and discussed how each profession plays a role in the workplace disaster management.

We also had the privilege of having an art tour curated by UCI artist in residence, Elin o’Hara Slavick, inside the UCI College of Health Sciences. It was thought provoking to see the connections between art, medicine, and public health and how they are intertwined.



Here’s to more interdisciplinary discussions and sharing of knowledge!