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Bloodborne Pathogens – Los Angeles

The goal of the course is to help participants understand the risks and develop behaviors that will help protect them when they are exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials. What are BBP / Bloodborne Pathogens? In 1991, OSHA issued the Bloodborne Pathogens.

Early Worm (Ends 8/25/17): $69 | Early bird (Ends 9/29/17): $99 | Standard Fee: $129

Chemical Hazards/Hazard Communication – Los Angeles, Riverside

This course is based on the 2012 GHS system, adopted by OSHA and Cal/OSHA, that replaces MSDS. The course also covers other aspects of Hazard Communication including definitions and Cal/OSHA standards promulgated under the Federal OSHA standard. The course also covers other aspects of.

Early Worm (Ends 60 days prior to course): $149 | Early Bird (Ends 30 days prior to course): $199 | Standard Fee: $249

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene (CIH) Exam Review – Anaheim

A major aim of this course is to assist CIH exam takers to identify areas in which they are proficient and those in which they need more intensive study. This intensive week-long course will provide a comprehensive review of the field of industrial hygiene.

Early bird $949 (before 2/16/18) | $1,179 Standard fee

Confined Space Awareness for Managers – Los Angeles, Riverside

Lives continue to be lost each year in the workplace with improper entries and ill-fated rescue attempts in confined spaces. In spite of the edict of the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act that every employer is required to provide a safe and healthful.

Early Worm (Ends 60 days before the course): $149 | Early Bird (Ends 30 days before the course): $199 | Standard Fee: $249

Ergo Online Webinar Series 2017

12 sessions of Intermediate/Advanced – All New Topics The successful application of ergonomic principles lies in understanding the broad scope of ergonomics: specifically the importance of recognizing physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and organizational elements of work and the capabilities and limitations of workers. In the Monthly.

Whole Series (12 sessions): $589| Half-Series of 6: $319 |Individual sessions: $59 (During the year, if you attend 10 sessions at the individual session rate, you will be eligible for 2 additional sessions at no cost.)

Ethics for Health and Safety Professionals Webinar: Making the Right Choices

Through lecture and interactive discussion of case studies, we will examine the fundamental causes of our actions and examine the Code of Ethics for both health and safety professionals. At the end of this course, students will be able to: Identify a conflict of.

Early Bird: (ends 9/22/17) $89 | Standard Fee: $129

Fleet and Vehicle Safety – Los Angeles

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading case of work-related deaths in the U.S. Millions of workers, such as long-haul truck drivers, sales representatives, and home health care staff, drive or ride in a motor vehicle as part of their jobs. The type of company.

Early bird (ends 9/29/17): $99 / Standard Fee: $129

Fundamentals of Workplace Safety – Includes OSHA 10-Hour Card – Los Angeles, Riverside

This course provides intensive instruction on the basic skills needed to manage a safety program for your company. OSHA GENERAL INDUSTRY 10-HOUR CARD While you are learning safety management techniques and what is required of an employer to comply with OSHA, this program is.

Early Worm (Ends 60 days before the course): $399 | Early Bird (Ends 30 days before the course): $499 | Standard Fee: $699

Hazardous Materials Management Series – Tempe, AZ, Los Angeles, CA

CHMM (Certified Hazardous Materials Manager) CHMP (Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner) Fundamentals of Hazardous Materials Management CHOOSE THE COURSE THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU! Do you encounter any hazardous materials in your workplace or environment? Are you responsible for the proper handling, storage and/or transportation of.

Early Bird (ends 30 days prior) : CHMM (3 days) $699 CHMP (2 days) $399 Fundamentals of Hazards Materials (1 day) $299 | Standard Fee: CHMM (3 days) $799 CHMP (2 days) $499 Fundamentals of Hazards Materials (1 day) $399 | Special rates are available for: Students, Military Personnel, and Government Employees. To qualify for the Student rate, you must be at least a half-time student. Note: Student, Government Employee and Military Status must be verified. For details: Call 310/206-2304 or e-mail us at erc@ph.ucla.edu

Incident Investigation and Reporting – Levels 1 and 2 – Los Angeles

Take One or Both Every California employer must establish, implement, and maintain a written Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP) Program. The 1991 Cal/OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), a pioneer workplace law, requires all employers to have a written safety plan to ensure.

Early Worm per day (Ends 8/18/17): $149 | Early bird per day (Ends 9/22/17): $199 | Standard Fee: $249

Injury & Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP) – Los Angeles

Still unmatched by Federal OSHA is the 1991 Cal/OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). The IIPP is a mandated, written, safety program designed to support the shared requirement of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Cal/OSHA that every employer is required to.

Early Worm (Ends 8/18/17): $149 | Early Bird (Ends 9/22/17): $199 | Standard Fee: $249

Mental Health In the Workplace Symposium

According to a recent study*, 22.5% of adults 18 or older have one or more mental disorders.  The vast majority of that group, 20.3% of the population, are employed full time.  That’s 23,737,000 people! It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway —.

Standard Fee: $379

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