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Ergo Online Webinar Series 2018

12 sessions – All New Topics The successful application of ergonomic principles lies in understanding the broad scope of ergonomics: specifically the importance of recognizing physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and organizational elements of work and the capabilities and limitations of workers. In the Monthly Ergonomic Webinar.

Jan-Dec Full series: $599 Early Bird (ends 12/20/17): $499 | Half Series (any 6 sessions): $319 | Individual sessions: $59

Fleet and Vehicle Safety – Los Angeles

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading case of work-related deaths in the U.S. Millions of workers, such as long-haul truck drivers, sales representatives, and home health care staff, drive or ride in a motor vehicle as part of their jobs. The type of company.

Early bird (ends 9/21/18): $99 / Standard Fee: $129

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene – UCLA

Industrial hygiene as a profession requires the recognition, evaluation and control of occupational health hazards within the work environment. For the safety/health professional, occupational health nurse, the environmental manager, and others working in related areas, this course provides a basic understanding of these concepts..

Early bird (ends 30 days prior): $499 / Standard Fee: $699

Occupational Health and Safety Principles and Nursing Certification Review – UCLA

State of the art information in the field of occupational and environmental health and safety. Comprehensive workbook/resource manuals and classroom materials; Test taking techniques and strategies for examination preparation; Written tests prior, during, and at conclusion of seminar; Participative lectures. Management / Coordinator /.

Early Bird (ends 10/6/17): $649 - Standard Fee $799

RF Safety: Advanced NIR Safety Officer Training Course – UCLA

Today’s RFSO needs a solid foundation in the various sources of NIR and the best practices to control them. This course gives the best information available with up-to-date review of existing and proposed standards. Starting out with the basics we quickly move through the.

Early bird (ends 6/22/18): $499 | Standard Fee: $699

Safety Management – Beyond OSHA Compliance – Los Angeles

Although compliance with OSHA Regulations is a requirement and a best business practice, there is more to a safety program than just compliance. This course will explore how to advance a safety and health program including management techniques that show leadership for safety and.

Early bird (ends 9/21/18): $199 / Standard Fee: $249

Sampling and Instrumentation – UCLA

The evaluation of chemical and physical hazards in the workplace is a critical function of industrial hygiene and health and safety professions. In order to evaluate and control exposures these hazards must first be recognized and measured in the work environment. From a regulatory.

Early bird (ends 6/29/18): $299 / Standard Fee: $479

Ventilation – UCLA

Industrial ventilation is towards the top of the hierarchy of industrial hygiene and safety controls for airborne contaminants. When effective, it can remove or reduce harmful exposures within the workplace. However, the effectiveness of these systems is dependent on active involvement of trained professionals.

Early bird (ends 6/29/18): $299 / Standard Fee: $479

Workers Compensation for Safety Professionals – Los Angeles

All employers are required by law to cover their workers for damages that result from work–related injuries or illnesses or to compensate surviving spouses or minor children when a worker is killed at work. Knowledge of the workers compensation system should be understood by.

Early bird (ends 9/21/18): $99 / Standard Fee: $199

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