Yifang Zhu, PhD

Environmental Health Sciences
Fielding School of Public Health

University of California, Los Angeles
650 Charles E. Young Dr S, 51-295B CHS
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Phone: 310.825.4324
Email: yifang@ucla.edu

Website: Fielding School of Public Health

Research Areas:
Air Pollution
Built Environment and Health
Chemicals and Toxics
Community-Based Research

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Dr. Yifang Zhu serves as professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences. Her research interest is primarily in the field of air pollution, environmental exposure assessment, and aerosol science and technology. Specifically, she is interested in quantitative exposure/risk assessments on ultrafine particles from various indoor and outdoor sources. Her current research focuses on measuring and modeling ultrafine particle emissions, transport, and transformation on and near roadways as well as in various indoor environments.  Her scholarship and creativity has been recognized by several national awards, including the Walter A. Rosenblith New Investigator Award from the Health Effects Institute in 2007, the Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation in 2009, and the Haagen-Smit Prize from Atmosphere Environment in 2011.Dr. Zhu was appointed to California Air Resource Board (CARB)’s Research Screening Committee in January 2014.


Research Publications

Concentration and size distribution of ultrafine particles near a major highway
Study of ultrafine particles near a major highway with heavy-duty diesel traffic
Size distribution and diurnal and seasonal trends of ultrafine particles in source and receptor sites of the Los Angeles basin
Penetration of freeway ultrafine particles into indoor environments
Experimental study on small cyclones operating at high flowrates
Comparison of daytime and nighttime concentration profiles and size distributions of ultrafine particles near a major highway
In-cabin commuter exposure to ultrafine particles on Los Angeles freeways
Seasonal trends of concentration and size distribution of ultrafine particles near major highways in Los Angeles Special Issue of Aerosol Science and Technology on Findings …
Air quality impacts of the October 2003 Southern California wildfires
Measurement of ultrafine particles and other air pollutants emitted by cooking activities
Sources, transformation, and health implications of PAHs and their nitrated, hydroxylated, and oxygenated derivatives in PM2. 5 in Beijing
Aircraft emissions and local air quality impacts from takeoff activities at a large International Airport
Evolution of particle number distribution near roadways. Part III: Traffic analysis and on-road size resolved particulate emission factors
Evaluation of the SMPS–APS system as a continuous monitor for measuring PM2. 5, PM10 and coarse (PM2. 5− 10) concentrations
Measurements of ultrafine particles and other vehicular pollutants inside school buses in South Texas
Characterization of ambient black carbon and wood burning particles in two urban areas
Ultrafine particle exposures while walking, cycling, and driving along an urban residential roadway
Characterizing ultrafine particles and other air pollutants at five schools in South Texas
Air pollutant concentrations near three Texas roadways, part II: Chemical characterization and transformation of pollutants
Volatility of indoor and outdoor ultrafine particulate matter near a freeway
Commuter exposure to particulate matter and particle-bound PAHs in three transportation modes in Beijing, China
Roadside measurements of ultrafine particles at a busy urban intersection
Air pollutant concentrations near three Texas roadways, Part I: Ultrafine particles
Measurements of ultrafine particles and other vehicular pollutants inside a mobile exposure system on Los Angeles freeways
Modeling of dispersion near roadways based on the vehicle-induced turbulence concept
Pulmonary diseases induced by ambient ultrafine and engineered nanoparticles in twenty-first century
Particle effective density and mass during steady-state operation of GDI, PFI, and diesel passenger cars
Predicting particle number concentrations near a highway based on vertical concentration profile
Effects of design parameters and puff topography on heating coil temperature and mainstream aerosols in electronic cigarettes
Characterization of electronic cigarette aerosol and its induction of oxidative stress response in oral keratinocytes
Field comparison of P-Trak and condensation particle counters
Measuring particulate matter emissions during parked active diesel particulate filter regeneration of heavy-duty diesel trucks
Quantitative analysis of the parameters affecting in-cabin to on-roadway (I/O) ultrafine particle concentration ratios
Design and performance evaluation of a novel double cyclone
The morphology of ultrafine particles on and near major freeways
Ultrafine particles deposition inside passenger vehicles
Application of a high-efficiency cabin air filter for simultaneous mitigation of ultrafine particle and carbon dioxide exposures inside passenger vehicles
Numerical investigation of airborne contaminant transport under different vortex structures in the aircraft cabin