Industrial Hygiene Students Present at AIHA Conference

Multiple UCLA Industrial Hygiene graduate students and faculty members attended the 2023 American Industrial Hygiene Association conference in Phoenix, AZ from May 22-24th.

The annual AIHA Conference and Expo is a national conference that brings together Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Scientists from across the country.

Oral presentations, which were delivered to audiences in conference rooms, were moderated by Dr. Candace Tsai, Industrial Hygiene Program Deputy Director, and included the following:


Amelia Chen (PhD student) and Dorothy Nguyen (2nd year): “Understanding the Primary Particle Characteristics Affecting Dust-Induced Pulmonary Toxicity in the Modern Mine Environment.”




Natalie Ireland (2nd year): “Understanding Engineered Nanoparticle Penetration of Various Properties through Lab Coat Fabrics.”





Connor Krause (1st year): “Nanoparticle Emissions during SLS 3-D Printing.”





Three graduate students participated in the Student Poster Presentations exhibit.



Thomas Mackey (2nd year): “Industrial Hygiene Aspects of Swimming Pool Service Workers.”




Dorothy Nguyen (2nd year): “Review of epidemiological studies of pesticide applicator habits & health outcomes: Effects of PPE on self-reported acute pesticide poisoning symptoms.”





Hector Solis (2nd year): “Promoting Commercial Building Energy Efficiency and a Healthy Indoor Environment: A Review of Industrial Hygiene Practices and Strategies.”




Congratulations to all of the students for presenting and helping advance the occupational health and safety field!