Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program

  1. Ulrike Luderer, MD, PhD, MPH – Interim Chief, Director of EHS Graduate Program
  2. Dean B. Baker, MD, MPH
  3. Catherine Boomus, MD, MPH – Residency Director
  4. Wayne Chang, MD, MS – Medical Director, UCI Medical Center Occupational Health
  5. Marnie Dobson, PhD
  6. Joseph Fedoruk, MD – Medical Director, COEH OEM Clinic
  7. Scott Hardy, MD
  8. Alya Khan, MD, MS
  9. Peter L. Schnall, MD, MPH
  10. Haiou Yang, PhD

Environmental Health Sciences Program

  1. Stephen C. Bondy, PhD
  2. Bongkyoo Choi, ScD, MPH
  3. Masashi Kitawaza, PhD
  4. Michael T. Kleinman, PhD
  5. Robert F. Phalen, PhD

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