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2022 Courses

January 26-27Chemical HazardsOnline$199
February 9-10Aerosol Transmissible Disease PreventionOnline$99
February 22-23Silica Dust Exposure PreventionOnline$129
March 10-11Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Online$99
March 21-25Fundamentals of Workplace Safety, includes OSHA 10-Hour CardTBA$499
April 5-6Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)Online$199
April 19-20Incident Investigation and ReportingOnline$199
May 3-4Bloodborne PathogensOnline$99
May 17-18Heat Illness PreventionOnline$99
May 24-25Heat Illness Prevention in SpanishOnlineFree
June 7-8Silica Dust Exposure PreventionOnline$199
June 16-17Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Online$99


2021 Courses

Date Course NameLocation Standard FeePage 
March 16-17Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)Online
March 22-25Occupational Health Nursing Certification ReviewOnline$699
March 30-31Incident Investigation & ReportingOnline
April 6-7Bloodborne PathogensOnline$99
April 14-15Heat Illness PreventionOnline
April 19 & 22Ethics for Health & Safety ProfessionalsOnline$99
May 11-12Incident Investigation & ReportingOnline$149
May 18-19Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Online
May 25-26Heat Illness Prevention in SPANISHOnlineFree
June 8-9Injury & Illness Prevention ProgramOnline$149
June 22-23Aerosol Transmissible Disease Online$99
July 6-7Bloodborne PathogensOnline$99
July 19-22Introduction to Industrial HygieneOnline$499
July 27-28Heat Illness PreventionOnline$99
August 3-4Chemicals HazardsOnline$129
September 16Fleet & Vehicle Safety Online$99
September 21Mental Health in the Workplace SeminarOnlineFree
October 25 & 28Ethics for Health & Safety ProfessionalsOnline$99
October 27-28Injury & Illness Prevention ProgramOnline$149
November 15-16Bloodborne PathogensOnline$99
December 6-9Occupational Health Nursing Certification ReviewOnline$699
December 15-16Silica Dust ExposureOnline$129


2020 Courses

Date Course NameLocation Standard FeeEarly Bird FeeEarly Bird Ends
Feb 25-27Fundamentals of Workplace Safety + OSHA 10-hour CardAnaheim
April 1-2Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) WebinarOnline
April 20 & 23Ethics for Health & Safety Professionals WebinarOnline
April 22Managing Safety in Outpatient Setting During COVID-19Online
May 22Spanish: Personal Protective Equipment During COVID-19 Online
May 26-27Aerosol Transmissible Disease PreventionOnline$99
June 9-10Heat Illness PreventionOnline
June 15-19Orientation to Sustainable Environmental AssessmentOnline
June 24-25Workers Compensation for Safety ProfessionalsOnline
July 7-8Aerosol Transmissible Disease PreventionOnline$99
July 20-2310-Hour General Industry OSHA Card CertificationOnline$250
August 10-13Safety Management: Beyond OSHA ComplianceOnline$199
August 10-14Introduction to Industrial HygieneOnline$499
September 9-10Bloodborne PathogensOnline$99
September 15-16Hazard CommunicationOnline$129
October 19 & 22Ethics for Health & Safety ProfessionalsOnline$99
October 21-22Aerosol Transmissible Disease PreventionOnline$99
October 27-28Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Online$59
December 9-10Silica Dust ExposureOnline$129

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