Candace Tsai, ScD, MS

Associate Professor
Industrial Hygiene Program Deputy Director

Environmental Health Sciences
Fielding School of Public Health

University of California, Los Angeles
650 Charles E. Young Dr S.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Website: Fielding School of Public Health

Research Areas
Environmental effects on health
Exposure Assessment
Industrial Control Technology
Industrial Hygiene
Nanotechnology Policy
Occupational Safety and Health

Dr. Tsai’s research interests address diverse aspects of environmental health and safety, and industrial hygiene - with a special focus on nanomaterials, advanced materials and nanotechnology. Her research involves innovative interdisciplinary collaborations, and she is currently pursuing critical research in exposure assessments, occupational hygiene practices, sampling techniques, engineering controls, and the biological effects associated with various forms of airborne particle exposure.

Dr. Candace Tsai is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and has several years of practical experience in industry and business settings. She has applied her expertise in research and teaching, in the fields of health science, aerosol science, toxicology, engineering, human protection, and policy. She serves as a board member in the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization, as Associate Editor for Journal of Nanoparticle Research, and on the Editorial Advisory Board for ACS Chemical Health and Safety Journal. With her special expertise in nanomaterials, she has served as an expert for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in the nanotechnology programs and she currently serves as a Threshold Limit Value (TLV) committee candidate for the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).

Research Publications:

An analysis of prenatal exposure factors and offspring health outcomes in rodents from synthesized nanoparticles
The effect of the body wake and operator motion on the containment of nanometer-scale airborne substances using a conventional fume hood and specially designed enclosing hood …
Systems and methods for direct particle sampling
Engineered Nanoparticle Release from Personal Protective Clothing: Implications for Inhalation Exposure
Interdigitated capacitive sensor for real-time monitoring of sub-micron and nanoscale particulate matters
Fiber emission of carbon nanotube containing materials for construction applications
Cloth face masks containing silver: Evaluating the status
Occupational and Industrial Hygiene as a Profession: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Quantification and characterization of nanometer-sized particles released from dental composite products using a multimodal approach
Evaluation of Sub-micrometer-Sized Particles Generated from a Diesel Locomotive and Jackleg Drilling in an Underground Metal Mine
Development of interdigitated capacitive sensor for real-time monitoring of sub-micron and nanoscale particulate matters in personal sampling device for mining environment
Low Concentration Analysis of Silver Nanoparticles in Consumer Spray Products
Sampling Techniques on Collecting Fine Carbon Nanotube Fibers for Exposure Assessment
Panel Session:“Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology-based Products: Occupational and consumer safety, management and regulation”
Assessment of fine particles released during paper printing and shredding processes
Fumed Silica Particle Deagglomeration Associated with Instrument Techniques
A sampler designed for nanoparticles and respirable particles with direct analysis feature
Nanomaterials in cosmetic products: The challenges with regard to current legal frameworks and consumer exposure
The difficulties in establishing an occupational exposure limit for carbon nanotubes
Nanomaterials: Occupational safety and health, analysis and regulation
Particle emissions from laboratory activities involving carbon nanotubes
A pilot study on particle emission from printer paper shredders
Identification and Mitigation of Generated Solid By-Products during Advanced Electrode Materials Processing
Toxicity mechanism in fetal lung fibroblast cells for multi-walled carbon nanotubes defined by chemical impurities and dispersibility
Assessment of exhaust emissions from carbon nanotube production and particle collection by sampling filters
Performance of particulate containment at nanotechnology workplaces
Assessing the first wave of epidemiological studies of nanomaterial workers
Exposure assessment and safety considerations for working with engineered nanoparticles
Characterization of airborne nanoparticle loss in sampling tubing
Contamination and release of nanomaterials associated with the use of personal protective clothing
Evaluation of leakage from fume hoods using tracer gas, tracer nanoparticles and nanopowder handling test methodologies
Advanced 1.1 um pixel CMOS image sensor with 3D stacked architecture
Workshop report: strategies for setting occupational exposure limits for engineered nanomaterials
Potential inhalation exposure and containment efficiency when using hoods for handling nanoparticles
Novel Device with Ultra Low Noise for Smaller CMOS Image Sensor Pixel...
Hand-held high-throughput ultrasonic monodisperse aerosol inhalers for detoxification of
In-Depth Survey Report...
Exposure assessment and engineering control strategies for airborne nanoparticles: an application to emissions from nanocomposite compounding processes
Evaluation of environmental filtration control of engineered nanoparticles using the Harvard Versatile Engineered Nanomaterial Generation System (VENGES)
Evaluation of engineering controls for manufacturing nanofiber sheets and yarns
High performance 300mm backside illumination technology for continuous pixel shrinkage
Exposure assessment of nano-sized and respirable particles at different workplaces
Yield and reliability of 3DIC technology for advanced 28nm node and beyond
Engineered nanoparticles: safer substitutes for toxic materials, or a new hazard?
A leading-edge 0.9 µm pixel CMOS image sensor technology with backside illumination: Future challenges for pixel scaling
Overview of Nanoparticle Health and Safety
Nanoparticle Exposure Assessment and Control
Exposure Simulation to Diacetyl from Popcorn
Effects of nanoparticle feed location during nanocomposite compounding
Airborne nanoparticle exposures while using constant-flow, constant-velocity, and air-curtain-isolated fume hoods
Characterization and evaluation of nanoparticle release during the synthesis of single-walled and multiwalled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition
A Manufacturable Back-Side Illumination Technology Using Bulk Si Substrate for Advanced CMOS Image Sensors
Pulmonary Delivery of Isoproterenol Aerosol Generated With Silicon-Based MHz Ultrasonic Nozzles
Best practices for working safely with nanoparticles in laboratories
Airborne nanoparticle exposures associated with the manual handling of nanoalumina and nanosilver in fume hoods
Control of airborne nanoparticles release during compounding of polymer nanocomposites
Airborne nanoparticle release associated with the compounding of nanocomposites using nanoalumina as fillers
Production of Monodisperse Micron-Size Droplets Using Silicon-Based MHz Ultrasonic Nozzles for Biomedical Applications
Interim best practices for working with nanoparticles
Silicon-based MHz ultrasonic nozzles
Exposure assessment for handling and processing nanoparticles in university laboratories
High Sensitivity of Dielectric films Structure for Advanced CMOS Image Sensor Technology
Optical gain and co-stimulated emissions of photons and phonons in indirect bandgap semiconductors
EM Specimen Preparation of Nanoparticles Using Ultrasonic Spray Technique
Novel FUSI strained engineering for 45-nm node CMOS performance enhancement
Ultrasonic atomiation using silicon-based high-frequency multiple-fourier horn nozzles
Magnetic Materials, Thin-Films, Particles, and Clusters-Tunable Wideband Microwave Band-Stop and Band-Pass Filters Using YIG/GGG-GaAs Layer Structures
Characterization of Silicon-based Ultrasonic Nozzles
Simulation and characterization of silicon-based 0.5-MHz ultrasonic nozzles
Demonstration of an all-fiber acousto-optic tunable-filter-based spectrometer
Characterization and comparison of high-k metal-insulator-metal (MiM) capacitors in 0.13/spl mu/m Cu BEOL for mixed-mode and RF applications
Characterization of 0.5 MHz Silicon-Based Ultrasonic Nozzles Using Multiple Fourier Horns
A Highly Reliable TiN/Al~ 2O~ 3/TiN MIM Technology for Embedded DRAMs
Ultrasound-Enhanced Spray Drying of Polymer Micro-emulsions for Nanoparticles Synthesis
Special issue featuring selected papers from Advances in Acousto-Optics 2000, 25-26 May 2000, Bruges, Belgium-PAPERS-Acousto-optic interactions and devices in a spherical waveguide
Electrical properties of Al2O3 gate dielectric
Electrical and structure characterization of single crystalline SiGe formed by Ge deposition and RTP
Improved electrical characteristics of CoSi2 using HF-vapor pretreatment
Device and reliability of high-k Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/gate dielectric with good mobility and low D/sub it
The leakage current effect of thin gate oxides (2.4–2.7 nm) with in situ native oxide desorption
Electrical characterization of Al2O3 on Si from thermally oxidized AlAs and Al
The effect of native oxide on epitaxial SiGe from deposited amorphous Ge on Si
The effect of native oxide on thin gate oxide integrity
Mobility and oxide breakdown behavior in ultra-thin oxide with atomically smooth interface
Electrical characterization of Al 2 O 3 on Si from MBE-grown AlAs and Al
A highly manufacturable 0.25/spl mu/m multiple-Vt dual gate oxide CMOS process for logic/embedded IC foundry technology
Thin oxides with in situ native oxide removal [n-MOSFETs]
Ultrathin N 2 O‐Oxide with Atomically Flat Interfaces
In0. 52Al0. 48As/InAs/InxAl1-xAs pseudomorphic HEMT's on InP
In/sub 0.52/Al/sub 0.48/As/InAs/InxAl/sub 1-x/As pseudomorphic HEMT's on InP
Ultra-thin oxide with atomically smooth interfaces
Proof-of-Concept Technology Development Proposal for the Alpha Foundation for the Improvement of Mine Safety and Health AFC518
Silicon-based high-frequency multiple-Fourier horn ultrasonic nozzles for atomization and pumping
Safe Practices for Working with Engineered Nanomaterials in Research Laboratories. 2009
MEMS-Based MHz Integrated Ultrasonic Nozzles With Applications to Micro/Nano Technologies