Eugene Goldfarb, MUP, JD


Eugene Goldfarb served as the HUD Midwest Environmental Officer for 15 years and his 30yr career at the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development included management positions in single & multi-family housing, public housing development, and community planning & development. Eugene was a certified planner (AICP) from 1981-2012 and continues to hold his Illinois law license. He has worked for a single family home-builder, the New York City Housing Authority, and has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago’s School of Public Health: Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences.

Eugene has managed environmental assessment and brownfield courses for NIOSH-sponsored education and research centers at University of Illinois (Chicago), Johns Hopkins (Baltimore), and UCLA (Los Angeles).  He has written articles on HUD environmental practice for HUD’s research journal, Cityscape, a chapter on the “Sustainable City” for the University of Illinois’s open source textbook on sustainability, and has contributed to HUD’s web-based environmental training (WISER).

Eugene is a member of the KSU TAB (Technical Assistance to Brownfields) team supported by USEPA and was one of the principal architects of the “Nuts & Bolts of Brownfield Redevelopment” course given with USEPA in Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Kansas City and Los Angeles.

Contact  Email:   Office: 847-831-9142



Extremely knowledgeable! Stories included in class material were very helpful!