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Spring 2020 Syllabus:

Date TimeLocation Module 
March 316:00-7:50 pmOnlineCase Presentation: “A Case for Worker Compensation: A Task Based Loss Analysis in SoCal” (Zarreen Amin)

April 76:00-7:50 pmOnlineCase Presentation: “Health Hazards of Respirable Silicon Amoung Stone Fabrication Workers” (Armine Gukasyan)
April 146:00-7:50 pmOnlineCase Presentation: "Delayed Chemical Burn Cased by Industrial Biocide Exposure" (Oluseyi Awodele, MD)
April 2010:00am-12:00pmOnline

Ethics for Health & Safety Professionals, Part 1
April 23
10:00am-12:00pmOnlineEthics for Health & Safety Professionals, Part 2
May 266:00-7:50 pmOnlineInterdisciplinary Group Project Reports/Presentations
June 26:00-7:50 pmOnlineInterdisciplinary Group Project Reports/Presentations

*Preferred date

*Students who have already taken the Ethics Webinar will have less total and minimum hours.


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