Weekly Updates: Employer’s Corner Webinars

This webinar series covers topics on how to maintain and adjust workplace safety during this COVID-19 pandemic. Register for the free live webinars here: https://erc.ucla.edu/course/employers-corner/


What Cal/OSHA is not talking about in the current COVID-19 laws – 9/3/21


COVID-19 Updates – 8/6/21


Complying with the Cal/OSHA June 17th COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standard – 6/25/21


COVID-19 ETS: What the June 3rd Revision Will Bring to Your Workplace – 6/11/21


The New May 12th CDPH Public Health Recommendations and your COVID Prevention Plan – 5/28/21


Indoor Heat Illness & COVID-19 – 5/14/21


COVID-19 in the Workplace: What You Should Know to Prevent Violations & Citations – 4/30/21

COVID-19 in California: Reopening the State – 4/16/21


Workplace Violence During the Pandemic – 4/2/21


Cal/OSHA Emergency Standard’s Requirements: Step-by-Step Approach on Handling COVID-19 Cases at Work – 3/5/21


SPANISH: Personal Protective Equipment During COVID-19 – 2/19/21


Personal Protective Equipment During COVID-19 – 2/5/21


How to Improve Your Safety Program in 2021 in Three Easy Steps – 1/22/21


New Year, New Cal/OSHA Requirements – 1/8/21


AB685 and the New Cal/OSHA Emergency Standard – 12/18/20


How the New COVID-19 Emergency Standard (in place starting Nov. 30th) Affects Your Company – 12/4/20


COVID-19 on the Rise: Steps to Deal with a Positive COVID-19 Case at Work – 11/20/20


Your COVID-19 Prevention Plan: Risk Assessment and Designation of PPE – 11/6/20


How to Write Your COVID-19 Policy – 10/23/20


Bloodborne Pathogens During COVID-19 – 10/9/20


A Review of Compliance Issues During COVID-19 Times – 10/2/20


What Safety Training Topics to Include While Updating Your Safety Programs – 9/25/20


Penalties and Citations to Employers During COVID-19 – 9/18/20


Wildfire Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic – 9/11/20


Safety During COVID-19 Times: Updating Your Safety Plans – 9/4/20


Emergency Action Plan: What You Should Include in Your Program During this Pandemic – 8/21/20


Workplace Violence During this Pandemic: Is Your Company in Violation of a Cal/OSHA Standard? – 8/14/20


Cal/OSHA Updates and Newly Added Guidance Regarding COVID-19 – 8/7/20


An Updated Guide for Industries with the Most Incidence of COVID-19 – 7/31/20


Ergonomics During the Pandemic: What Cal/OSHA Requires for Employers – 7/17/20


Incident Investigation During COVID-19 – 7/10/20


Step-by-Step Employer’s Guide to COVID-19 Cases at Work –  6/12/20


Strategies & Recommendations for Responding to COVID-19 & Resuming Normal/Phased Business Operations –  6/5/20


Intro to the Cal/OSHA Aerosol Transmissible Disease Standard in Relation to COVID-19 –  5/15/20


Avoiding OSHA Fines and Citations During the Pandemic – 5/1/20


How to Deal with COVID-19 at Work: Getting Back to Business – 4/24/20

Other Webinars

Spanish: Personal Protective Equipment During COVID-19 – 5/22/20


Personal Protective Equipment, Part 1 – 4/1/20                                        Personal Protective Equipment, Part 2 – 4/2/20



Managing Safety in an Outpatient Setting During COVID-19 – 4/22/20


Dr. Alya Khan moderates a podcast series for the Western Occupational and Environmental Medicine Association (WOEMA) on COVID 19.

June 2, 2020: Skin Eruptions Associated with COVID-19 Infection and Prevention. An interview with Dr. Heather Lampel.

May 29, 2020: COVID-19: Perspectives from Infectious Disease and Epidemiology. An interview with Dr. Shruti Gohil.

May 7, 2020: ACOEM Getting Back to Work. An interview with Dr. Tanisha Taylor.

May 7, 2020: Cal/OSHA Guidance for Employees and Workplace Safety during COVID 19. An interview with Dr. Paul Papanek.

April 25, 2020: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Decontamination. An interview with Dr. Sheri Belafsky and Dr. David Rempel.

April 21, 2020: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Prioritization. An interview with Professor Dr. Philip Harber.

April 9, 2020: COVID 19 Serologic Testing: What We Know and What We Need to Know. An interview with pathologist, Dr. Kirstine Oh.

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