Ergonomics Webinar Series 2022

12 sessions - All New Topics

The successful application of ergonomic principles lies in understanding the broad scope of ergonomics: specifically the importance of recognizing physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and organizational elements of work and the capabilities and limitations of workers.

In this Monthly Ergonomic Webinar Series, we present a range of topics from Basic to Advanced including a philosophical foundation for applying ergonomics through a broad range of topics.  For the Advanced sessions, the emphasis is on the details of analysis techniques, intervention effectiveness, and applications within selected industries.

Participants will be reinforced on some of their assumptions and boldly challenged on some strongly held beliefs on how to prevent injuries. The end result will be confidence in applying ergonomics in a much more effective manner.

All classes are approximately one hour.


Who Should Attend?

Occupational health and safety professionals — EH&S managers, industrial hygienists, RNs; supervisors and managers; members of health and safety committees, occupational therapists, physical therapists.


8 sessions meet the Ergo requirement for the SCERC Workplace Safety and Health Professional Certificate.



January 111Augmented/Virtual Reality and Ergonomics (or, if we don’t have it this year, “Exoskeletons”)
February 82Best Ergonomics Research of 2021
March 83How was your trip? Recent progress in Slip, Trip, & Fall best practices (or, if we don’t have it this year, “Are you sure lifting technique training doesn’t work?”)
April 124Work analysis techniques borrowed from Industrial Engineering so simple you can do this yourself (or, if we don’t have it this year, “Psychosocial factors in ergonomics”)
May 105Latest Medical Treatment protocols for back pain
June 146Success stories from the ergonomics profession
July 127Sociotechnical systems analysis
August 98Calculating the impact of work schedules on injury risk
September 139Are we still supposed to be standing at work?
October 1110Ergonomics of vehicle design
November 811Getting more out of available Government Data
December 1312Controlling Risk for the Uncontrollable Risk

*Subject to modification

Note: Over the course of the year, if you attend 10 sessions at the individual session rate, you will be eligible for additional sessions at no cost.

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