10-Hour General Industry OSHA Card Certification – Online

Course Overview

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, most employers are adapting to a new way of doing business from home. Those who are not able to work from home are placing special emphasis on the safety aspects of their Injury and Illness Prevention Programs.

This health crisis has affected us all. Now more than ever employers are requiring employees, managers and supervisors to receive the appropriate training in order to ensure further hazard recognition, compliance and knowledge of all aspects of safety and health that affect their daily work activities. It is typical for many California employers to require employees to obtain an OSHA card as a condition of employment.

During this 10-hour OSHA online course*, you will be able to receive updated relevant training and information to improve safety and health practices at your workplace and to further your own education and training, expanding your professional skill set and making you a valuable asset to your company.

This is a LIVE online General Industry OSHA Card course with the opportunity to ask for clarifications and questions, as opposed to a pre-recorded course. This is a General Industry Card Certification that has been approved to be taught online.

It will be mandatory that your front screen on Zoom is turned on during the entire duration to ensure your participation and engagement during the certification training.


*FACT: Only OSHA-authorized trainers (and approved for online training) may teach 10- and 30-hour
safety courses and issue OSHA student course completion cards.

Session Goals:

To promote workplace safety and health and to make workers more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights.

NOTE: This 10-hr OSHA card course does not fulfill the training requirements found in OSHA standards. Employers are responsible for providing additional training for their workers on specific hazards of their job as noted in many OSHA standards. A list of standards requiring training may be found in your state’s OSHA website and federal OSHA publications.(i.e., Publication 2254, Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines [Link].


10-Hr Card course benefits:

  • Participants receive a 10-hr card issued by the Department of Labor
  • Participants are able to further their own education and training, expanding their professional skill set making them an invaluable asset for their company and/or potential employers
  • Participants receive training in different safety and health topics to further improve safety culture at their places of employment
  • Tailored training topics based on specific needs of their audience (Customization of this course including full 10-hr courses in Spanish are also available)
  • Participants receive training regarding hazard recognition and avoidance (see topics per agenda below), workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, etc., This course emphasizes the value of safety and health for all american workers, including young workers.
  • This training is also available in languages Spanish (per request only)


10-Hour General Industry Topics:

    • Introduction to OSHA and Cal/OSHA (1 hr)
    • Walking and Working Surfaces (1 hr)
    • Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plan Fire Prevention Plans and Fire Protection (1 hr)
    • Electrical (1 hr)
    • Personal Protective Equipment (1 hr)
    • Hazard Communication (1 hr)

Elective Topics:

    • Ergonomics (1 hr)
    • Material Handling (1 hr)
    • Safety and Health Programs (Including IIPP) (1 hr)
    • Machine Guarding (1/2 hr)
    • LOTO (1/2 hr)


Other Registration Options


Register by phone: 310 206-2304


Payment Terms

(rev. 11/6/09):

Substitutions may be made without additional charge. Cancellations must be in writing. Refund schedule:

  • Cancellation 15 or more business days before the class 80% of registration fee
  • Cancellation 7-14 business days before the class 50%
  • Cancellation less than 7 days before the class and “no shows” No refund

If course materials such as books have been sent to course participants in advance, the cost of that material will be subtracted from the refund.

UCLA reserves the right to postpone an offering 7 days prior to the course date should minimum enrollment requirements not be met. If a program is canceled, you will be notified and your registration fee will be refunded in full, less the cost of course materials sent in advance if they are not returned in the condition in which they were received. The liability of UCLA is limited to the course fee.

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